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Akasha Mandala


Impresión en vinilo soporte de alubond con bastidor de madera. Pieza única.

Martina Verena

Martina Verena ( 1974, Hamburg Germany ) has been creative since her childhood. Drawing, painting and also ballet and a classical piano education were followed by graduated studies at the academy of communication design and art direction in Hamburg, Germany. Her journeys to places like the United Arab Emirates, the island of Mauritius, the United States of America at younger ages and the recent journeys to India and Indonesia caused and maintain her interest in old and younger cultures and have ever since shaped the way she sees the world. Her home since 1997 is the mediterranean island Ibiza in Spain, where she created slide and video projection installations at events and at the world famous villa nightlife scene. The participations in various shamanic ceremonies showed her, that modern science and ancient wisdom are based on parallel principles, even though they operate with different systems. This realization made her investigate the sensations of infinity, opening the doors that lead into parallel realities by the study and practice of oriental fusion and whirling dances. As well it was the motivation for a stay in the house of a performing artist family in India being taught the basics of a classical indian dance, that is constructed using the sacred geometrical laws. The studies have opened a field where she can transcend these sensations into an art work. ¨The images reflect my soul, when i dance, the content of my mind moves the body, my writings are what i hear in between of the beats of the drums … ¨ 2012 was the year Martina Verena launched her art, design, sound and performance event ***HEAVEN & EARTH*** with a successful world premier show in Ibiza.

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