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Towards the Light, Oil on Canvas, Format 50f


In the same way as we struggle to prevent the chaos from overwhelming our existence, a painting puts in order internal forces. Directing chaos towards the light.

Frederic Belaubre

Frederic Belaubre works and exposes in his Parisian workshop at the foot of Montmartre. There is no field of pictorial research that Frederic Belaubre has not addressed from a very personal perspective: figuration or abstraction, eroticism, transcendence, expressionism, gestures. Traditional and experimental techniques are employed in his oils on canvas. From Giotto to Soulages, from classical to minimalist art, everything arouses a matter of assimilation and personal transfiguration. Refinement of the colors is manifested in their choice and juxtaposition as well as in their discord. In his ink drawings he knows how to combine virtuosity of gesture and innate sense of balance.

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