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momento magico en donde la luna (identificada muchas veces con el principio femenino) eclipsa al inmenso sol ( principio masculino). Obra realizada mediante la tecnica de collage de poliuretano expandido sobre marco entelado con óleo.

Daniel Augusto chiesa

DANIEL AUGUSTO CHIESA LANARO, ("Dan Aug") was born in Montevideo, Uruguay on January 23, 1956 from Italian parents. With a Primary and a Secondary education of religious background (catholic), he learned how to harmoniously reconcile the elementary material knowledge with the idea of a Superior Being (the "Great Architect of the Universe" years after....) that protects and leads us. This idea was subsequently confirmed during his adolescence and youth when attending to the University ( Chemistry and Physics ) and this helped him to focuse his conscience not only on the pragmatic and material aspect of the creation, but in the exactly understanding that everything that exists in the Universe comes from the materialization of the Love…from the very first moment (Big Bang). Therefore his learning develops clearly in the land of Science and Technology but as the years passed by, the intuition gained a fundamental ground to promote his artistic creation. On the other hand, he "channelled" (since the year 2002) a very strong internal impulse that motivated him to express on a canvas, his thoughts, his experiences and his messages. In January 2005 he obtained a first prize, ("Xanadu, Joyful Day", oil on canvas of 50cm x 60cm) in the adult category, of a worldwide art contest where more than 360 artists of the entire world from 35 different countries where involved. The contest was organized by the Planetary Society (Pasadena, California USA) and the European Space Agency. The contest celebrated the arrival of the spatial probe Huygens to Titan (moon of Saturn). His awarded artwork was exhibited in the USA and Germany in the year 2005 and the artist donated this piece for charity purposes to the Planetary Society. It was bought on a worldwide E-bay auction by a Canadian art collector. (December 2005). Up to date we would be able to classify his production in five different SERIES or "collections", somewhat different the first and last one ("Dream of a Night in Giza" and "Memories" in its order) of the other two, "Infinite" and "Genesis". The remaining SERIES ("Miscellaneous") groups a number of pieces from different subjects. We find in "INFINITE" and "GENESIS" the true path that, as the artist confesses, faithfully identifies his style, not only in form (abstract works) using the oil on canvas and fibre as vehicle with some determined material in original collages ( expanded polyurethane foam, crystals, etc), but also by its "contents"; that are related to the themes that touch the Cosmology, Astronomy, Metaphysics, etc. In his website we read: "...I kindly invite you to visit my virtual gallery of oil paintings... You may explore my interior being through my abstract art, which constitutes the ship to sail the oceans of my imagination... Check out the SERIES "Genesis" and "Infinite" where I use the oil technique on canvas mixed with polyurethane foam, quartz crystals, etc; new materials for the new Era that allow me to go beyond 2D and materialize new ideas and feelings..." About the “Infinite” and “Genesis” SERIES we heard a recent commentary in the NY Art Scene: " All of the paintings of Dan Aug exhibit strength in a resolute style of work with radiant form that emerges and dissolves out of equally radiant ground. One soon discovers that it is not a definable form but a formidable, un-definable energy that conveys mood, emotion and atmosphere with internal light and a vivid presence. I feel that the work will resonate well in New York and with our international audience " Mrs. Angela Di Bello , Agora Gallery ; New York City........................................................................................ .....................................................................Review of Exhibitions As an emerging artist, we find “Dan Aug” on a primary phase of the public exhibition of his artwork. Through his website (www.DanAug.com) which dates from November of 2004, he exhibits his first series via web ("Dream of a Night in Giza") fundamentally in Argentina, USA and Spain. He had received laudatory art critics of many curators worldwide not only by the form (technique) but for the content of his artwork. January 2005 Exhibition in Los Angeles (USA) and then in Dramstadt (Germany), Operations Center of the European Spatial Agency, of the artwork awarded ("Xanadu Joyful Day"), first prize of the worldwide art contest of the Planetary Society. and the ESA March 2005 Participation in the Worldwide Art Contest organized by LÓreal Tokyo, Japan, on "Art and Science in the color" with the artwork "Supernova Remains". April 2005 Exhibition and Demonstration of live painting in the Hotel Days Inn, of Montevideo, Uruguay, in the Vanessa Fialho Decorative Art exhibition August 2006 Solo Exhibition in "Alarte", Montevideo, Uruguay. ("Genesis from the macro to the micro cosmos"). May 2007 Exhibition in ENIARTE 2007 (Palacio San Miguel) as "Guest Artist". Exhibition and demonstration of live painting and the polyurethane foam technique Organized by Laura Craft Studios, Buenos Aires, Argentina. January 2008 Solo Exhibition in the "Hall of the Culture of Maldonado", Punta del Este, Uruguay ("Echoes from the Infinite ") April 2008 Exhibition in the Egyptian Embassy in Montevideo, Uruguay for the Awards Ceremony (Uruguayan winners) of the 2007 Drawing & Painting International Contest for chidren, organized by the Egyptian government worlwide. . June 2008 Exhibition in the Radisson V.P. Hotel, Montevideo, Uruguay organized by TACA Airlines Nov 2008 Solo Exhibition in the "Republic of PARVA DOMUS" , Montevideo, Uruguay ("Message from the Cosmos ") Feb 2009 Solo Exhibition in the Egyptian Embassy , Montevideo, Uruguay ("Dream of the Pharaonic Egypt ") May 2009 Solo & Permanent Exhibition in "Gradiva, Tapas con Arte" Restaurant, Montevideo, Uruguay Sept 2009 Exhibition in the Uruguayan Congress (Palacio Legislativo) , Montevideo, Uruguay organized by AMORC (Rosicrucian Order AMORC - Hispanic Division) - "First Rosicrucian Saloon, Mystic Art Exhibition"

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