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ballet-2 2011


"Ballet-2, 2011" The photo of the art project "Ballet-2012-Ballet" Conceptual photography 2011 artist Alik Vetrof Abstract photo art project in the concept: "People and the city and not only ..." Printing on photo paper, size 100 x 65 cm, author's photo is labeled on the 5 mm plastic Photo is taken at the Odessa National Academic Theater of Opera and Ballet, in time to premiere the show closed Ballet Mystery lesa15 Vienna in December 2011 ballet in two acts to the music of Gustav Mahler and Strauss.

Alik Vetrof

The artist lives Alik Vetrof art curator: "... I'm just a simple man. And my life is no different from most people's lives. However, what I create does not look like what others are doing. And in this individual. My main goal - Service to Art, what I'm doing on Over the past twenty years. I'm sure! talented person is talented in everything ... " Chronology of the concept of authoring projects for the period 2005 - 2011 years: December 2005 September 2006 work on the creation of online stores Library-E-Literature, publisher of digital books. October - December 2006 the creation of literary agency "LEL". March 2007 creation of the magazine - "Art Galleries" modern painting, and the journal "Economy of the company." In 2008, work on creating an information agency March 2009 launched a project Art dealership. September-October 2009, the creation and active participation in creative association "ASA ART randevu". In April 2010 the establishment of English-language news portal, the art information portal "News Contemporary Art" London, United Kingdom http://www.portalart.co.uk In July 2010 issue of Art catalog "Marine expression". (Conceptual Impressionism), postcards and souvenirs on the art project. 2011 Photographic Print conceptual art project: "The people and the city and not only ..." ("People and the city and not only ...") Name of paintings and photographic art projects: "Alluring suspense" (1989), drawing, illustration books (1993-2008), nu (1995-2009), Iconography (1996 ...), "Odessa was preparing" (2007), "The City and the people ...", (2007 ...), "I give you a bouquet of" (I'll give you a bunch) (2008), "From Inspiration" (2008 ...), "Assya - Assya" (2009), "Marine Expression" (2009-2010), " Punjab. Do not open yourself to the world "(2008)," Art Direction "," Dance with the rain of fire "(2009)," Dance 2008-2009 "," People and the City and not only ... "(" People and the city and not only ...") (2007-2011 ...), "Stop frame" (frame Cтоп) (2010 ...), "Ballet 2012 Ballet" (2011 ...) Participate in creative projects: 1989 Odessa Art Campaign "The Art of Vandalism," Moscow protest installation "Flags vniZ." 1990 Odessa - Saint Petersburg performens "Courting the hussar." 2000 Moscow, art action "Drummers of the capitalist labor" artistic art objects. 2007 to create a project online magazine "Art Galleries" (Art Galleries) about contemporary art and art events. Odessa 2009 photo-installation "Random connection," "Artists since summer," projection installation, "The Naked, the truth." 2009 installation STSUHEK - Fisherman's Catch STSUHEK - Fisherman's Catch 2009-2010 series of works from painting project «Assya - Assya" Participation in creative associations: 1990 "Parallel World two Palmira" Saint Petersburg - Odessa. 1997 "FACERA" USA, New York. 2009 "ASA ART randevu" Odessa. Solo Exhibitions: Apartment gallery in 1989 (Odessa), Russia, Moscow "Central House of Artists," "alluring obscurity" projection transformation canvas, oil, applied carving. Germany, Munich "artibis2" "Mania suspense" "Verführerisch Spannung" Projektionstransformation Leinwand, Öl, angewendet schnitzen. 1992 Russia, St. Petersburg "Southern sandstone" sculpture stone, wood, metal casting, UK London, the gallery "BISxol" "Southern sandstone, stone sculptures, wood, metal castings. 1997 Mexico, Mexico City, "Art-Bez" gallery "CONE" project "Transit home" (Transit Home) 1999 Russia, Moscow gallery "Kolla", St. Petersburg gallery "East" project installations "Forgotten Dream - Farewell painting." 2009 permanent "Apartment gallery to Vysotsky" (Odessa), in an art cafe "Candy" (Odessa), "I see the Black Sea Coast." Showroom "MegaDom" (Odessa), "One." 2009 November, permanent exhibition apartment on the street. Vysotsky Odessa. 2009-2011 "Marine Expression" (permanent, in the "Gallery on Vysotsky") 2011 Exhibition Hall of "Print House" Activities as an art curator, tracking and montoring art market: 1997-98 gallery "ART-937" USA, New York. 2009 Art Cafe "Candy" (Odessa), Exhibition Salon "MegaDom" (Odessa) 2009 Creation of the creative association "ASA ART randevu". 2009 New Project Art Directory (printed version) "art dealer books about contemporary art", the magazine became the official application of contemporary art, "Art Galleries". 2009-2010 Art project "Marine expression" paintings, postcards, art catalog (print version). 2010 Development of the Information Project for the promotion of conceptual art, information portal "News Contemporary Art", London, United Kingdom 2011 demonstration of conceptual art.

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