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Shri Venkatesh Suprabhatam-MS Subulaxmi


SuhaasyaM Bahadekar

Hi! Of course everyone believes s/he is really good in whatever they are doing, or we won’t be doing it in first place. That is why I will not speak about creative level of my work (also it’s a subjective matter of individual choice); obviously it’s your prerogative to decide. So I will keep my explanation restricted to objective side only, my educational qualifications: MFA, Dip A Ed. 1] First thing first: I’m a gifted artist with an ability to see forms out of music. I can clearly see lines, forms and colours floating right before my eyes while music is being played. 2] My paintings are based on Songs / Poems / Music Compositions. 3] Paintings are not just based on other people’s work only, there are paintings based on my own Songs/Poems also. 4] Many forms used in paintings looks like celestial forms coming from somewhere in the space and they resemble to forms of galaxy or crop circle. It’s not done purposely though, but it happens. 5] My paintings are not standalone paintings, they are a package deal. They are bouquet of Paintings, Song, Poem and Fashion Design. That means one who buys a Painting becomes the stake holder of Song, Poem and Fashion Designs too; except in the case where tracks belongs to someone else, still Fashion Design will belong to buyer. 6] My paintings are not abstract paintings. When you say Abstract it means sheer joy/splash of colours/forms without meaning, just feel it. Whereas in my paintings, each and every form and colour has very specific meaning and its rightful place to be there. Nothing is and nor it can be accidental in my paintings, each and every minute detail is carefully crafted and articulated to match the ultimate vision. 7] These paintings are great to have around in your office/home. Spiritually or like Fung-Shui as they carry good vibrations and positive aura of energy field; arising from the combination of colors /forms/rhythms/textures used in it. Cr8ively Yours, SuhaasyaM Bahadekar

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