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A La Inversa


Florencia Mangione

Abstract art: born in the second decade of the twentieth century. Its origin is mainly due to the reaction against imperialism, the political circumstances of the time (imperialism, wars, etc..) And the appearance of the doctrines of Freud about the importance of the subconscious. This type of painting, which was widely criticized at first, became one of the most important phenomena of history d Art. During the nineteenth century, the object within the painting had been subjected to all kinds of experiments, reduced color in Fauvism, Cubism geometrized distorted in Expressionism, Futurism dynamically vibrated and dreamed of Surrealism, record all abstract art. But now, in abstract art, when it comes finally to disposal. The purpose of the artist is without all the figurative elements, concentrating all its expressive force of shapes and colors that provide visual connection with reality. The artwork becomes, then, in an autonomous reality no connection with nature and, therefore, is no longer men, landscapes, houses, flowers or objects, color combinations, but simply trying to express in a language without forms, like the music, the inner need and feelings. According Kandinskyn a round spot may be more significant than a human figure. Many believe that abstract art is characterized only by the exclusive use of geometric forms and his rejection of the references to the perceptible reality. But this is not true, as its biggest feature is the way to think of ordering and understanding the universe. It is worth noting an important and innovative technique used by artists of American Abstract Expressionism, the dripping, which has as its main representative to Jakson Pollok, who made a very good use of it in most of his paintings. This technique was to let the paint drip oak fabric in an automatic and violent. So, in abstract art is not the geometric language which gives its innovative drive, but mathematical thinking. He was released from the arbitrariness of the appearance of nature and the subjectivity of our individual temperament, allowing them to dominate the world. For many artists, abstraction is a true vision of reality. But even so, they understood that this type of painting was more incomprehensible than the figurative, therefore, to approach the public, the word used as a complement. PERSONAL OPINION ON THE ABSTRACT ART: In my opinion, that this art like you need to understand. That is, before observing an abstract work is better informed in advance about what it represents and its author. Because, otherwise, it is very difficult to understand its true meaning. To me, at first I did not like was that it had no merit this type of paint. But now I've learned that not only is the realism of the figures or objects what matters most in a painting, but the combination of colors, the feeling that wants to reflect the artist and the emotions that are inside the box.

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