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Uros Bozic

Uroš Božic; was born in Nova Gorica, east of Slovenia, in 1983. Artistically active since very young: his formation is found by none formal drawing or painting lessons, he has been an autodidactic artist; learning techniques from other artists in workshops and experimenting himself. His pictures are made on different supports such as doors, tables and/or self made canvas made out of sheets or curtains. The sizes diverge depending on the format or the method. His techniques: from oil paint to collage and assemblage, bring us a combination of colors and forms. Inspired by art and cinema, Uroš plays with famous characters, family portraits and imaginary items in order to introduce us into his world. His sculptures are inspired in human body, abstracting its proportions and/or dimensions. Most of them made whit natural materials, wood carving, and some of them remain in natural environment in permanent outdoor exhibitions.

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