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Debraj Mandal

My world comprises of images, vision, dreams and figments of imagination... since my childhood I've had been a great dreamer. Dreams are integral to my existence. I've parents at my home and my sister, my friends around me though geographically torn apart owing to necessities, are aware of this... I love animals truly, madly and deeply. The world is not worth living without them. Music is one of the few entities something that absorbs and captivates me to the fullest. The transformative and transcendental quality of music helps me evolve as an artist too. Among seasons, Monsoon gives me a fillip... It is intoxicating sometimes to the point of obsession. Whereas during winter in the late afternoon hours, as the north wind blows over reverberating and whistling there is a mellowed hollowness that envelops me and then I discover nostalgia. My parents say the first word I uttered was, "rain." To be true to my conscience, I behold Vincent Van Gogh as my master. His mastery with the oil attracted me most. The depth of an oil work is profound and often unfathomable. Besides brilliant effects of light in the paintings of Seurat, Monet, Laurraine and Gauguine are equally breath-stopper. Picasso, Dali, Hussein have left deep impact in my mind too... I mainly rely on expressionism and impressionism. It's very difficult to boil down what my artwork represents in this column as it is diverse and I'm myriad minded.

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