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Levon Avagyan

Levon Avagyan was born in 1990 Yerevan, Armenia. His first steps in fine arts were made with the help of his grandfather - Armenian impressionist realist artist Gevorg Avagyan. Educated in Yerevan Academy of Fine Art 2007-2011 lead by Saro Galents. Studying heritage of old masters like Adolphe William Bouguereau, Pablo Veronese, Jacques-Louis David’s, Caravaggio, Rembrandt and others, he found his own form of expression in fine arts inspired by surrealistic old generation artists Salvador Dali, Ives Tanguy, Max Ernst as well as modern artist Hans Ruedi Giger. Among his latest creations were the graphic artworks called “Bad Dreams about the Future” "Waiting for..." Currently he works on the new series of philosophical paintings called Real objects in imaginary reality. Unexpected contacts of humans an things in culminating situations of past, present and future. Things that have earned their own soul and selfness, which has been emphasized and extraordinary evaluated by human avarice.

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