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Simran Kaur

Painting, for Simran, is a language in its own right. And it is a language which doesn’t need the mediation and artificiality of words. Each of us sees the world differently. Through her paintings, Simran expresses how she sees the world and this, more than anything else, gives her peace. She likes to work in Oil and acrylic and often first photographs what she wants to capture on the canvas. Art, for Simran is about expressing the peculiar way in which she sees the world. It is Simran’s world. Simran began painting as a young child who was fascinated by the way nature appeared to her. She wondered how the smallest things like the lines on trees, colors of clouds, play of shadow and light gave meaning to and went on to make up the bigger things. This attention land observation of detail made her want to draw what she observed, long after the object was not in front of her. Born and brought up in Delhi, Simran has a Bachelor degree in History Honors from Delhi University. The colorful life that she saw around her drew her to colors in their various combinations. Hers was an organized and disciplined life. Visiting different places gave a good exposure to her visual traits. Her father wanted her to be an engineer but she found tools too heavy to carry, choosing HB pencil and a set of crayons instead. A love for her country made her secular and Delhi’s landscape made her interested in heritage monuments, being the natural source of art. Her History background helps her in capturing heritage buildings in her paintings. Over the years, she has honed her skills through training. She has trained under different various renowned artists of India like Amit Mukherjee , Vinaka Bhattacharya, S Kundu and Ashwani Kumar. The one valuable insight that she has learn is that though some form of training is important, no one can really teach you how to paint. Each one of us has to find our motivation and need to paint from within. And each one of us has to preserve what is unique and peculiar about us and how we see the world. As an artist, Simran is trying innovations and allied skills to perform better in her profession every day.

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