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Cristina Trovato

Born April 14, 1959. Cordoba, BA in Advertising and Design painting workshops. Asissted to a course of Fine Arts in Cordoba University. Plastic Artist with a long history that includes samples in Argentina, Uruguay, Austria, the U.S. and Switzerland, among others. Currently based in Buenos Aires She realized painting classes with renowned artists like Mirta Kupferminc, Nicolas Menza, Marcela Montemurro, Alberto Delmonte, Laura Messing and Juan Doffo, and sculpture courses with Osvaldo Decastelli and various courses in fine arts and art history. Major Signs: -Dogma Gallery, Buenos Aires Auditorium of the Chamber of Deputies of the Nation Romulo Raggio-Museum -Gallery Wort + Wildt (Austria, 2005) -Estilo Pilar, Buenos Aires -America Art Miami 2008 -Galeria Rubbers -Trench Gallery (Uruguay) - Grillo Art (Uruguay) - International Art Fair (Zurich, Switzerland) -The Rennaisance (Santa Barbara, USA)

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