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Aivars Mangulis Biography Born on October 9, 1950 in Valmiera, Latvia 1972 - 1974 studies in Riga Secondary School of Decorative Arts 1973 began his participation in LSSR and USSR art poster exhibitions 1975 joins LSSR Society of New Artists 1975- 1988 works as artist-decorator in LPSR Art Fund gallery 1977-1982 studies in Art Academy of Latvia 1983 was contracted by LSSR Art Complex 1986 joins LSSR Art Association 1991 – 1993 works as an independent artist in interior sector and design sector in Latvia Since 1991 member of the Artists’ Union of Latvia 1993-2008 lives and works in Berlin, Germany 1994 – 2000 works as an independent designer, stylist and artist 1995 joins Association of Independent artists of Berlin (BBK) 1995-2003 solo art/collective exhibitions in Berlin, Potsdam, Calv, Salzburg Since 2001 works as garden architect, designer and executer, as well as employee of company “Rufert” for electronic equipment maintenance service for subsidiaries of Bank Association of Berlin 2008 returns to Latvia Since 2008 teacher in Purvciems Crafts School of Riga Has begun again the artistic activity Expositions Personal information Civil status: married; nationality: Latvian; age: 62; born in Valmiera, Latvia Lived in Berlin from 1993 till 2008 Language skills Latvian, Russian, German Expositions Until 1991: participated in Republic’s and Union’s expositions in Riga, Tallin, Moscow, Minsk, Krim and Tiflis 2012/ 2013 (08.12.2012- 05.02.2013) Exibition Gallery “3x23” Hamburg, Germany, Sternstrasse 107-109 1995 Art Privat Galerie Regina Menczik, Berlin /solo art exposition 1995 25. FBK Berlin 1995 Philip Morris Official Representative, Berlin/ solo art exposition 1995 Gallery “Am Neuen Palais“, Potsdam 1995 St.Mattheus Church , Berlin, Tiergarten/ solo art exposition 1996 Gallery „66“ Uwe Czesny, Berlin 1996 Deutsche Postbank AG, Berlin/ solo art exposition 1997 Gallery „Pilango“, Berlin 1997 Gallery Carlos Hulsch, Berlin 1997 Gallery “Kleine Weltlaterne“, Berlin/ solo art exposition 1998 Gallery Buschgraben, Berlin-Zahlendorf / solo art exposition 1999 Erotic Museum, Berlin /award 1. Beate Uhse in Erotic-Art contest 2000 Gallery „Vin d Oc“Jean-Gil Chodziesner-Bonne, Berlin/ solo art exposition 2000 Gallery „Kleine Weltlaterne“/ solo art exposition 2002 Reaktions-Bilder. Exposition devoted to 125th birthday of H.Hesse in Calv 2003 Gallery „Vin d Oc“Jean-Gil Chodziesner-Bonne, Berlin/ solo art exposition 2003 Art Mess, Salzburg 2003 2011 Exposition Saldus, Latvia/ solo art exposition 2012 Exposition Malpils, Latvia/ solo art exposition 2012 Exposition Erberge, Latvia/ solo art exposition

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