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Patricia Murolo

I AM FROM COSTA RICA AND I LIVE IN AVELLANAS BEACH, I AM A SELF TAUGHT PAINTER BUT I HAVE BEEN IN SEVERAL WORKSHOPS WITH SOME OF THE BEST ARTISTS IN MY COUNTRY. I GREW UP AROUND THEATRE ARTISTS BECAUSE MY FAMILY IS DEDICATED TO THIS BUSINESS AND THEY HAVE INSPIRED ME A LOT. I USED TO PAINT THE DISPLAYS FOR THE MOVIE THEATRES IN BIG FORMATS AND MURALS WHEN I WAS PRETTY YOUNG. I PAINT SINCE I WAS A CHILD AND THE MEANING OF MY LIFE IS ART. I AM A DREAMER , SO MY PAINTING COMES FROM MY IMAGINATION, THE PRINCIPLE MATTER OF MY PAINTINGS ARE SOULS REPRESENTED IN WOMEN, AND IMAGINARY FLOWERS. 1973-74 Drawing and pastel workshops. YMCA, New York, USA.;1980-83 Ceramic techniques. Arte S.A., San Jose, Costa Rica.1991-92 Instituto de Arte y Diseno Publicitario, Parana, Brasil.1998 Latinamerican Art Seminars by Dr. Belgica Rodriguez, San Jose, Costa Rica.;1999 Etching and colography techniques by Master Rudy Espinoza. Escuela Nueva de Artes Visuales, San Jose, Costa Rica. 1999 Composition and design by artist Alberto Moreno. Escuela Nueva de Artes Visuales, San Jose, Costa Rica. GROUP EXIHIBITIONS& 1995 CCSS Drawing Contest, San Jose, Costa Rica996 Playa Samara Art Contest, Guanacaste, Costa Rica.1996 IV Annual Contest “Marco Aurelio Mata Aguilar”, Casa de la Ciudad Museum, Cartago, Costa Rica1996 III Regional Cultural Festival “Las Brujas 96’, Escazu, San Jose, Costa Rica.1997 San Jose Palacio Barcelo Hotel, San Jose, Costa Rica1998 Skene Theater, San Jose, Costa Rica.1997 Ulises Gallery Art Festival, San Jose, Costa Rica.1998-1999-2000. SOLO EXIHIBITION 1999 Cia. Nacional de Fuerza y Luz Gallery, San Jose, Costa Rica.1999 Parque del Lago Hotel, San Jose, Costa Rica.;2000 San Jose Palacio Barcelo Hotel, San Jose, Costa Rica.;2000 Tribunal Supremo de Elecciones a government branch, San Jose, Costa Rica.;2000 The National Opera House of Costa Rica, San Jose, Costa Rica. ;2001 Dr. Calderon Guardia Museum. 2006 Playa Conchal Art Festival 2007-2009 Permanent Exhibition Azulthalo Art Gallery 2010Art Exhibition Pacific Park

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